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Wedding Photography Advice & Tips for the Bride & Groom

Here below is a list of advice and tips to help you through your Wedding Day Photography. Many people will offer lots of advice for a bride and groom but not many will have been to as many weddings as an experienced photographer.

- Advice & Tips

What is Reportage Photography?

From a Wedding Photography perspective this means to capture real moments in an unobtrusive manner. A professional result captured in a relaxed style requires great skill and practice from a photographer. A blend of Reportage and Traditional posed images creates a well balanced story-book of your day.

- Reportage

Plan your Wedding Day schedule with your photographer

This way we will have a workable time to achieve what we need to do without upsetting you, your guests or the chefs cooking your meals. Create a Timeline of your day, and build in a little slack. A good photographer has been to many weddings and may be happy to help you with this.

- Create a Timeline for your Wedding

How to Choose a Photographer who is right for you!

Your wedding photographer will be with you through your special day so don’t just consider quality and price. They need to be warm and friendly so you can all get along well as you may see more of him or her than most of your guests!

- Find a Warm & Friendly Photographer

Bridal Preparation Photography

Be ready early rather than late (bridesmaids to!) don’t worry about being in your dress too soon because being in it too late will be much more stressful. Bridal Prep shots should be fun and relaxed so be ready at least 30 mins early and we can take some shots of you, the bridesmaids and parents with no pressure.

- Get your Dress on...don't run late!

Drink Water to help you through the day

It may sound a little obvious but it is very easy to forget when your mind is on other things...Drink plenty of water in the run up to the wedding...before a glass or two of champers!

- Keep Hydrated!

Photography during the service

Speak to whoever is conducting the wedding service to see what photography they are happy to have taken. This is very helpful to your photographer in capturing the best images possible without upsetting anyone. We can even set up camera’s and movie footage that can be controlled from the back of the venue if needed.

- Don't upset the vicar!

Fun images of your Wedding Day

If you want some fun images from your day then plan a few with your photographer to make sure they happen. Organise some dark sunglasses for the men in suits, make note of any funny ideas you have and then discuss it with your photographer.

- Create a little fun for your album design

Hire a Professional Photographer

Don’t ask your uncle or a friend with a nice camera to capture your big day as it often ends in tears...and they may be coming from your uncle! It really is a job for the professionals.

- You only get one shot so choose well